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Covid 19 safe streaming


Web Streaming of Conferences and Events. Please see our Streaming Page for more details.

Audio equipmnt rental


Audio Support and PA Systems including Radio Microphones for Conferences and Events.

Video equipment rental

PowerPoint & Video

From content creation to onsite support we can assist with all aspects of PowerPoint and Video elements.

Production Management

Production Management

Utilising our vast experience to Plan, Produce and Deliver high quality cost effective Events.

About Us

Derham Productions Ltd was formed to meet the constantly changing needs of the conference and events industry. More recently, we've adapted quickly and invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to better serve businesses delivering remote events.

Having provided exceptional customer service, reliability and technical knowledge as a white label service for over 15 years, we work directly with larger AV and events management companies, helping them to remain agile and serve all their customer needs.

With extensive experience providing white label solutions to clients, NDAs and confidentiality are a key part of everyday working life and we build strong relationships built on mutual trust. We don't aim to serve the £1 million per day TV studio settings but to provide an alternative for the events that are crucial for day-to-day running of business. We work at all scales, from business updates to 50 employees through to large-scale Town Hall meetings and AGMs.

These events are ideally suited to Derham Productions as they typically have smaller budgets that can’t extend to some of the existing solutions on offer. Our cost-effective solutions bring the possibility of full technical event support starting with content creation and presenter support and delivering high definition video presentations, video conferencing and streaming to these events.

The aim is to provide a far superior experience to viewers and presenters, with presenters requiring little to no technical knowledge to achieve high-quality professional web streams. We focus on the technology so you can focus on your content.

Streaming Overview

Covid 19 Safe Streaming

COVID-19 Safe

All our processes have been optimised to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

4k and Full HD Quality

4k & Full HD Quality

Get your message across in high definition, available on all streaming packages.

5G connectivity

5G & 4G Wireless

Slow wifi or expensive service charges at the venue? No problem, we can stream from our enterprise grade 5G internet solution.

Teams and Zoom Intergration

Teams + Zoom

We can integrate your presentation with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Youtube, Facebook.

Why web streaming?

Physical events are usually limited to the space available at a given venue. With live streaming, however, you can invite as many people as you like to attend your event. Sometimes people are interested in attending an event, but they can't attend in person due to work commitments or increasing expenses. In the current climate, with the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, virtual events are a safer and more practical solution. As an added incentive, virtual events help reduce both climate impact from delegate travel and the time away from normal business activities when travelling to and from a venue.

Live streaming your event can make your content accessible to people you wouldn’t otherwise reach. You can connect remotely with anyone in the world through live streaming, as you are no longer limited by geographical or venue size constraints. The only limitation with live streaming is the server capacity of the streaming platform you choose. As part of the planning stage we can advise you on the most suitable platform to avoid these constraints.

Streaming meetings and events can be as straightforward as one camera and a microphone but can extend to to more complicated multi-camera setups with multiple presentations, product demos, music, graphics and pre-recorded video. Experienced technicians are a key part of a successful event; they help ensure everything runs smoothly throughout, allowing you to focus on your content.

It can be tricky to troubleshoot technical problems without experience. Using our live streaming service means you will have someone to support you with unanticipated technical issues. If you stream on your own, your only support will be Google or the information you already know about live streaming. A reliable live streaming service will provide you with ongoing customer support and will guide you through any difficulties you encounter.

We are focused on ensuring a successful event for you and have invested heavily in equipment and training to provide great quality for every event we are involved in.

There is a lot that goes into a live stream, equally there is a lot to gain in return. If you would like to discuss in depth about how we can support you and your event please get in touch and we would be happy to chat through your event requirements.

Example Stream Video

We have put together a short video using the equpment normally used during a live stream or meeting, to show some capabilities.

Example Pricing

All of our example packages are flexible and presented as a guide.

Plan 1
£1000 per day
Experienced Streaming Engineer
HD Stream Output
One Live Camera
Powerpoint Input
Picture-in-Picture (Live camera over PowerPoint)
Professional LED Lighting
Wireless Lapel Clip-on Microphone
Meeting/Stream Length
upto Two Hours
Standard Set-up
(*same day as meeting)
Plan 2
£1500 per day
All of Plan 1 plus:
Additional Live Camera
(two cameras)
Powerpoint Backup Laptop
Additional LED Lighting
Two Wireless Microphones
Large Monitor with Powerpoint Notes
Plan 3
£2000 per day
All of Plan 2 plus:
Additional Live Camera
(three cameras)
Additional Lighting
Four Wireless Microphones
Panel Session Q&A
Questions and Polling Software
e.g. Slido
Technical Assistant - Camera

Transport, Accomadation (if required) and VAT @20% not included in prices shown above.

Optional Extras

We can offer a vast array of extra equipment and services to enhance the stream or meeting. Some of the more common options are listed below:

  • Secure Stream Output Platform website with integal Q&A & Polling
  • Set-up, technical testing and rehearsals the day before.
  • Technical site visit to test site internet connection and make technical recommendations for the event.
  • 5G Internet primary or back-up connection with data plan.
  • Camera operators.
  • Content Creation including modifying existing company templates to work with Picture-in-Picture layouts.
  • Studio space - We have 24/7 access to a studio space with good facilities (including internet) to stream from, custom stage sets, or plain white or black environments available.

  • FAQ


    ▼ How good are the cameras?

    Our cameras are 4k broadcast quality, compact and easy to set up. They provide a cinematic look for both live and recorded content, a much more professional look than can be achieved with webcams or consumer cameras.

    ▼ Why do I need more than one camera?

    We recommend more than one camera so we are able to switch between different angles, creating the same live experience your audience is used to.

    ▼ Why do you need to provide lighting?

    The lighting we provide is professional grade, ensuring that your presenter is fully lit and the environment colour-balanced so your video stream is as high-quality as possible.

    ▼ What internet requirements do you need from the meeting venue?

    We need a wired ethernet connection from the venue directly to our setup, typically we would require a minimum upload speed of 10Mbps. If this is something you are not able to provide, we have a 5G solution available.

    ▼ How big does the meeting room need to be? (max/min)

    Our set up is very compact and we are able to adapt it to make it work in most available spaces, while respecting social distancing protocol. We have solutions for most situations, please get in touch to discuss specifics.

    ▼ Do you have a room that we can use?

    We have 24/7 access to a private studio in the West Midlands, but also have a network of functioning venues throughout the UK if needed.

    ▼ What sort of set-up is possible? E.g. Stood, sat (armchair style), sat at the head of a table etc.

    We can accommodate for all set-ups and are able to advise on the most appropriate options depending on your criteria.

    ▼ How many technicians will you be bringing?

    We will keep our crew to the bare minimum to allow us to function to a professional standard depending on your requirements. This can all be confirmed at the quoting stage if your policies require it.


    ▼ How long can my meeting be (max. minutes) for each package?

    The packages are designed to allow up to 2 hours of stream time. We are able to accommodate 15 minutes of holding slide in advance of the 2 hours to allow viewers to join the stream prior to the start. Extra time can be discussed and quoted for accordingly.

    ▼ Can this be live? Or is it better pre-recorded? Can you do that?

    Your meeting can be live or pre-recorded and we have the technology to provide you with either option.

    ▼ Can you record my meeting for future reference?

    We have the ability to record your meeting and provide you with a video file afterwards. This is available at an extra cost.

    ▼ How many people can I have watching this meeting?

    This may depend on which platform you want to stream to, but most streaming platforms do not have a limit. We can advise on the different possibilities, along with the advantages/disadvantages of each platform.

    ▼ Can people watching participate?

    Depending on the type of streaming platform you choose, it is possible to include an interactive experience for the viewers natively. It is also possible to include external question and polling software (e.g. Slido).

    ▼ Can I present to both an audience in the room and virtually at the same time?

    Yes, of course. In a scenario such as this, our cameras will be set up to be as unobtrusive as possible to the audience while providing the best possible stream to those viewing remotely. However, at the moment, social distancing protocol for both your audience and our technicians may preclude this from being an effective way of delivering your meeting.

    ▼ What information would I have to give to the people viewing my meeting for how to access it?

    This can be provided by a simple link to the stream or can be embedded as a player on your website / intranet.

    ▼ Will my attendees have to sign up for a new platform, or can it be done using something we already have access to?

    Depending on the level of interactivity you want to give your attendees they may have to sign up to a third party service but we will work with you to find the best solution.

    ▼ Why don't we just use Zoom/Teams ourselves? Why should I want you to come in and do it for me?

    Although Zoom/Teams is very effective, we can provide you with a higher level of production which makes your meeting look more professional. It also gives you more flexibility than is possible just using a laptop webcam.


    ▼ Do you have to know my content in advance?

    Where possible it would be good to have your content in advance so we can prepare and test it beforehand. This will help to reduce contact between our technician and your presenter as well as ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. We also offer content editing and preparation services which allows for your content to be optimised around your chosen camera and Picture-in-Picture position.

    ▼ Can I discuss with you how I want each section to be presented? E.g. If the feed should be showing me or my content? If so, how far in advance do you need to know my content/what I want broadcast during the meeting?

    Yes, you can discuss your requirements with us as part of our pre-event preparations. Depending on content and lead times, this timescale will vary.

    ▼ I want the people viewing my meeting to be able to see me and the presentation at the same time, is that possible?

    Yes. This facility is called picture-in-picture and is available on all events.

    ▼ Can I run/manage the presentation myself? I.e. just give you a feed from my laptop?

    Yes, this is of course possible, we will just need to check that your laptop has a suitable connection.

    ▼ Usually I project the info onto the screen behind me, can I still do that?

    Yes, absolutely. However, the image from most projectors isn't good enough quality for the stream, so the online audience would still need to view a direct feed. We can provide the technology to make this happen.

    ▼ Can pre-recorded video be included?

    Yes, video playback options are available.

    Platform Overview

    Secure Streaming


    With various login options and SSL certificate protection, your stream content remains private.

    Fully Customisable

    Fully Customisable

    You have full design control of the page layout, images, text and links.

    5G connectivity

    White Label

    The end user experience can contain no trace of our brand identity allowing yours to shine.

    Teams and Zoom Intergration

    Audiences of All Sizes

    Designed to work across PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile for audiences up to 100,000, there are no limits on your events reach and participation.

    Why our streaming platform?

    Our streaming platform offers users a simple and intuitive one page, one password solution. Allowing the live stream to be viewed and Q&A or polling to be participated in simultaneously from within a single browser window. This makes participation and interaction simple and removes the need for technical knowledge from the end user by removing the need to switch between applications or tabs (or even multiple devices) to access questions or polling.

    The platform works across all devices PC, Mac, Tablet and mobile from within a standard browser window eg. Google Chrome or Safari, allowing the user to view on any of the devices they own.

    Built cloud-based server architecture with many layers of redundancy, our platform is very reliable and stable even under a heavy load from a large event. Designed for very large events but implemented in a cost effective and secure way to specialise in smaller events, still providing all of the functionality, scalability and resilience.

    Example Stream Platform Layouts

    We have produced a couple of images to illustrate a suggested page layout. These highlight the key features. We offer a full live demo to discuss the features in length and answer any questions you may have, please Contact Us to arrange.
    Once created page layouts can be reused for subsequent events at a reduced cost.

    Example Pricing

    All of our example packages are flexible and presented as a guide.

    Plan 1
    £750 per event
    Basic Customisation
    HD Stream
    Q&A functionality
    5 live polling questions
    up to 100 viewers
    Plan 2
    £1250 per event
    All of Plan 1 plus:
    More customisation options
    Custom Domain name *
    Unlimited Polling
    up to 1000 viewers
    Plan 3
    £2500 per event
    All of Plan 2 plus:
    Full Customisation Service
    Integration into existing website or intranet
    Custom Domain Name
    upto 10,000 viewers

    *Subject to availability
    **VAT @20% not included in prices shown above.

    Optional Extras

    We can offer a vast array of extra services to enhance the platform or stream. Some of the more common options are listed below:

  • Onsite Streaming services, including secure video encoding
  • Set-up, technical testing and rehearsals the day before.
  • DNS management
  • Advanced Domain Name Management
  • Custom sign-in options including Social Media Account and Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Email capture before watching a stream (when not using a protected stream)

  • Our Services

    Covid 19 safe streaming


    Web Streaming of Conferences and Events. Please see our Streaming Page for more details.

    Audio equipmnt rental


    Audio Support and PA Systems including Radio Microphones for Conferences and Events.

    Video equipment rental

    PowerPoint & Video

    From content creation to onsite support we can assist with all aspects of PowerPoint and Video elements.

    Production Management

    Production Management

    Utilising our vast experience to Plan, Produce and Deliver high quality cost effective Events.

    Direct Clients

    Some of our direct clients:

    TBA Group
    Apple Peel productions
    Hughes Productions
    University of Birmingham, Guild of Students
    Whitwam Group

    End Clients

    Some of our end clients:

    Land Rover
    John Lewis Waitrose
    Thompson Reuters
    Slimming World
    Police Superintendents Association

    Get in Touch

    Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK
    0044 7855 027 424

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